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Welcome to The Drenden Cartel Application Website

The Drenden Cartel is an invitation-only private trading community/alliance on the Drenden server.

What/Who we ARE:
  • An exclusive invitation-only private trading alliance.
  • Rich/wealthy WoW players who prefer to Trade with others like them.
  • Bank toons who prefer to trade mostly in bulk trades, large volumes, and high dollar items on a regular basis.
  • WoW players with a hatred of traditional Trade Chat immaturity (Chuck Norris jokes, Anal thread, "last person to link...." trolling).
What/Who we ARE NOT:
  • We are NOT a standard guild, but an "alliance" of Alliance bank alts and their guilds to enjoy private trading.
  • We are NOT players attempting to circumvent the traditional WoW economy.

BENEFITS - Why Join?
  • The Drenden Cartel IS an exclusive trading "cartel".
  • The application process reduces or eliminates the likelihood that "riff raff" and immature players will be part of this alliance.
  • Avoid the AH Fee by trading your large quantity or expensive items directly with other Cartel members, whom you already know can afford your items and will provide hassle-free trades.
  • No need to leave your current bank toon or invite strangers into your bank toon's guild.  We work strictly through a private communication system available ONLY to Cartel members.
  • There is a minimum "net worth" requirement of 10k gold.  Applicants must prove to a Cartel member that they have had, at some point, a minimum of 10k gold in their possession.  We will require that we see it in a Trade window (canceled of course), or via an Achievement character wealth statistic.
  • You must have your own bank alt guild bank, and you must be the GM of that guild.  The private communication system we use (a cross-guild chat program) requires that you have a guild bank on your bank toon, and that you be the GM of that guild.  If you don't have one, you need to create one.
  • A completed application. This is an exclusive club. So we will ask you questions, and make sure you're the type of person we want in our club.
  • The ability and willingness to install an Addon.  The Addon is a common/popular WoW addon, Guild2Guild, that allows us to communicate with each other via private chat.
General Rules:
  • NO SPAM.  ANY Spam, of ANY type, is grounds for immediate removal from the Cartel.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Trading ONLY. Non-spam conversation is highly discouraged.  We are traders.  You can chat somewhere else.
  • Bulk trades are preferable. We have a ton of gold, and buying one piece of cloth off you is a waste of our time.
READY TO JOIN?  Click on the link at the top of this page to start the application process.
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